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Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our first priority. “Customers come first!” – This is not just something we say – It is our way of life. We treat each customer as though they are our only customer. We take pride in being personally involved and developing relationships with our on-site contacts. Maintaining staff capable of promptly responding to issues as they occur is imperative to the success of our company.

Superior Service

We’re committed to building a customized program that meets your location’s specific needs.By customizing each cleaning plan and assigning a specialized cleaning crew, we make sure our customer’s needs are met specifically. Each area in your locations will have a specific checklist that our workers need to complete as part of their regular commercial building management responsibilities. We make every effort towards being the best.


We believe that delivering the best possible service starts with clear communication. This means we listen to your challenges and answer with clearly articulated solutions that everyone can agree on. FogHill, Inc.’s goal is to establish clear lines of communication with our clients and employees. Our mobile application “SWEPT” is used for our staff members and it allows us to send instructions to the team remotely.

Quality Control

Our quality control process is designed to make sure all cleaning tasks are completed satisfactorily. Quality checks include on-site inspections and customer surveys and are continuously conducted. We maintain the presence of a Quality Control Supervisor onsite throughout the shift in key locations. Also, we conduct weekly site visits and develop weekly reports plan of action for building maintenance, supply costs, timesheets, etc.